The Top 5 Reasons Why People Travel For Cosmetic Surgery

The Top 5 Reasons Why People Travel For Cosmetic Surgery

There are many reasons, both pragmatic and personal, as to why people travel abroad or domestically for a cosmetic surgery procedure. Whilst you will have your own specific reasons for pursuing a cosmetic procedure elsewhere, The Cosmetic Tourist decided it would compile it’s own list of the top 5 reasons why people travel for cosmetic surgery.

Whilst The Cosmetic Tourist’s top 5 reasons are by no means THE top 5 of reasons of why people travel for cosmetic procedures, we have tried to validate our list by looking over data and comments shared online. Our benchmark was to use info shared by those who’ve embarked on or helped facilitate trips for plastic surgery, and various other cosmetic procedures both abroad or within different areas of their own countries.

Top Reason Number 1 - Cost Efficiency Of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Choosing to travel abroad for your cosmetic surgery procedure offers great potential for someone to save money, or to be able to afford a cosmetic procedure that perhaps was out of their financial reach at home.

Depending on your destination the possibilities of huge savings are very real, with some people finding the same cosmetic procedure that they want at home, can in-fact cost up to 80% less when traveling elsewhere.

Of course there are many other factors you have to include in the overall costing process, such as travel, accommodation and insurance expenses. But even when everything has been considered there are still huge financial savings that can be had from cosmetic surgery abroad.

Top Reason For Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Number 2 - Higher Levels Of Service

 Top Reason #2 - Higher Levels of Care

Top Reason #2 - Higher Levels of Care

Good cosmetic surgery, whether invasive or non-invasive, requires high levels of training and a certain standard of equipment to offer patients peace of mind, whilst delivering the level of results expected.

With different countries offering a vast range of standards for cosmetic procedures it is no wonder people are prepared to travel to those countries that have higher standardized levels of care.

This willingness to travel further and further afield to find cosmetic surgery performed at a higher standard is usually born from the appeal of more state of the art medical tools and technologies, whilst also enjoying a more personalized level of care; Such as longer respite stays under medical supervision after the procedure than perhaps what their local providers can offer.

Top Reason Number 3 - More Highly Qualified Doctors And Medical Staff Available Overseas

Continuing with the idea of traveling to another area or country that can offer a higher quality of care brings us neatly into our 3rd reason why people decide to travel overseas for cosmetic surgery, and other procedures.

 Top Reason #3 Top Rated Plastic Surgeons 

Top Reason #3 Top Rated Plastic Surgeons 

This is the very powerful allure of being seen, and treated by either a top plastic surgeon, or other highly sought after cosmetic procedure providers, who can offer a more accomplished skill set than any local provider.

Not only is this an extremely sensible option to follow, as if you don’t have confidence in any of your local options for the procedure you are after then it is absolutely the correct action to look elsewhere, but also there is always the advantage that a cosmetic provider with a higher skill set can probably deliver more desirable (and safer) results.

Traveling For Cosmetic Surgery, Top Reason Number 4

Coming in at number 4 on our top 5 list is that of comfort and ease. This may sound a little odd at first, considering we are talking about traveling, sometimes to a different continent, for what can be very major and invasive cosmetic surgeries.

But when you look at how everything is organized for a cosmetic surgery abroad, it actually begins to make sense that travelling for your procedure can be a lot easier than organizing the same thing closer to home;

Many cosmetic providers offer complete cosmetic packages that offer all inclusive plans for the entire journey to get a cosmetic procedure done. This means that you do not have to worry about any of the logistics, such as transportation, lodgings, pre & post-op preparations at medical facilities, etc. Everything will be tailored to your needs.

Top Reason Number 5 On Why People Travel Abroad For Cosmetic Procedures

Coming in at number 5 on the Cosmetic Tourist’s list of reasons why, is perhaps the most  controversial, or debatable of the lot (if you are so inclined to even debate such things) - This is that people choose to travel for their cosmetic surgeries simply because of the opportunity to explore and holiday whilst getting some cosmetic work done too.

Whilst this is a stand alone reason for some, it is definitely one that can be combined with other reasons on our list, especially the cost efficiency aspect. When doing comparisons on costs it can sometimes be hard to turn down the idea of an exotic (or not so exotic) break away from home, that is basically free when compared to paying for the same procedure at home?

This is also where the controversy lies… It is pointed out that people who are more focused on the travel destination fail to do, or just overlook, proper research on the cosmetic procedure and who is providing it thus often receiving cosmetic work that is below par or even worse.

Do Your Research Before Committing To Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

 Do Your Research!

Do Your Research!

Did these reasons resonate with you? Do you find yourself heavily agreeing with one or more them, or maybe you recognise aspects of each reason that when combined explain why you are interested in traveling for a cosmetic procedure.

As touched upon under reason 5, when traveling for any sort of surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure it is vital that you do your homework. You must have a thorough checklist of information to find out about your potential destination, plastic surgeon/cosmetic provider, after care, what to do in an emergency, etc, etc.

Especially when traveling abroad, a trip to receive any cosmetic procedure shouldn’t be taken lightly, or treated like a regular holiday, as the risks involved are far more scarier than just the disappointment of a bad hotel or dodgy stomach!

Stick around to read more articles about preparing to travel for your cosmetic procedure!


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