The Essentials In Preparing For Cosmetic Surgery

The Essentials In Preparing For Cosmetic Surgery

Preparing For Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery The Right Way

Wherever in the world you decide to have your cosmetic surgery procedure, and however invasive or non-invasive the procedure is, it is important to properly prepare yourself both physically and mentally for what is going to happen when you arrive for your cosmetic upgrade.

In keeping with our recommendation to always use a Board-certified plastic surgeon for any cosmetic surgery, you will find that they or any board affiliated center for cosmetic surgery will be highly experienced (and knowledgeable) in their approach to preparing their patients beforehand. After all, the correct preparation for any cosmetic procedure will always help to ensure a more successful outcome, especially in healing and final results.

  • How do I prepare for my cosmetic procedure?

This is probably the most common question asked before a procedure is performed, and if you have chosen a board certified cosmetic surgeon or affiliated center for cosmetic surgery you will have access to their excellent resources, and highly specific preparation instructions.

If you haven’t got that far in your cosmetic procedure journey yet, you can check out each of these general preparation guidelines below. Just becoming aware of what will generally be required (preparation wise) will put you in a great position to ensure an optimal cosmetic outcome, whatever your procedure may be!

Mental Preparation For Cosmetic Surgery Leads To Peace Of Mind

Mentally preparing yourself for your elective cosmetic surgery procedure is a lot easier than you may think. Firstly notice the key word above, elective…  By remembering this simple word you can keep yourself calm throughout the cosmetic procedure process. You are choosing this surgery or procedure for yourself, and are healthy enough to proceed, so you should try not to worry too much.

If this doesn’t calm you sufficiently, then try thinking of having cosmetic surgery in the same way as using an airplane. Millions and millions of people safely travel by aeroplane everyday of the year and this is the same with cosmetic surgery and other procedures.

Do your homework on the plastic surgeon or the center for cosmetic surgery that you have decided upon (and only use them should they tick all the specifics that are important to you). This homework includes making sure they are board certified, have your best interests at heart (as in not just seeing you as another invoice) and that you like the results of their work (check out their before and after surgery photographs on Instagram, website, facebook. etc)

Cosmetic Surgery Preparation Leads To Peace Of Mind

Cosmetic Surgery Preparation Leads To Peace Of Mind

Doing this sort of prep work should leave you with a relatively relaxed peace of mind. This is very important as you head into getting the procedure done. You want to arrive at the center for cosmetic surgery/doctors office with a clear head and positive mental attitude. You will find such a positive mindset will help the whole process go a lot smoother and you will heal quicker.

If you are in the wrong frame of mind or dealing with depression or major anxiety you should discuss these, and any other negative thoughts with your cosmetic surgeon or provider in advance of having a procedure. You can read more about the role of a cosmetic surgeon in assessing their patients in our interview article with renowned New York based plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Kopelman.

Keep A Healthy Lifestyle Before And After Cosmetic Surgery

Keep Healthy When Preparing For Cosmetic Surgery

Keep Healthy When Preparing For Cosmetic Surgery

If you are not already doing so, initiating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important before you go in for your cosmetic procedure, as it aids your body’s healing process. This means things like sustaining a healthy weight level and eating healthily well before you arrive at your center for cosmetic surgery on procedure day (Always follow pre-surgery advice about when to stop eating or drinking before surgery). Crash dieting a few days before is not recommended and in-fact can be detrimental to your healing process.

General hygiene guidelines usually include showering the night before a procedure, removing all jewelry from your body and arrive on the day of your surgery in loose, comfortable clothing. Your cosmetic provider should give you specific guidelines to follow on how to prepare and manage your hygienic needs throughout the entire process.

Things to Avoid When Having Cosmetic Surgery

There are many things you need to avoid when preparing for your cosmetic surgery procedure. We have listed some of the basic items below but your plastic surgeon/center for plastic surgery should give you a detailed and personalized list of what you specifically need to avoid. If they don’t or just give you general guidelines (Like these!) that should be a red flag warning that maybe you investigate or check out other plastic surgeon or centers for cosmetic surgery, etc.

  • Alcohol, Drugs, And Tobacco

Recreational drugs and alcohol are known to interact negatively with both anesthesia and certain post-operative medications and so both should be avoided in the run up and recovery period of your cosmetic procedure. The same avoidance should be given to cigarettes, E-cigs and vape products, as these can have a detrimental effect on breathing during and after surgery as oxygen delivery is decreased. Again usage of this paraphernalia can also greatly hinder your healing period after cosmetic surgery.

  • Beauty Products

Beauty product use will come down to what cosmetic procedure you are having, and following the guidelines given to you by your practitioner, center for plastic surgery, etc. The general rule of thumb will be to steer clear of all beauty products on at least the day of your procedure and in the healing process afterwards.

  • Medications and Supplements

Again this will depend on the procedure you are having done, but you should always follow the exact guidelines, as laid down by your cosmetic surgery procedure provider or center. You should always be upfront about any pre-existing medical conditions, such as if you are on regular medications for blood pressure, heart and thyroid conditions, etc.

Post Operative Arrangements For Your Cosmetic Procedure

It is important to prepare post operative arrangements in advance of your cosmetic surgery as, depending on your specific procedure, you might will be in need of assistance for even the simplest of things, such as keeping hydrated. Other aspects to take into consideration include:

  • Purchase anything you have been told to before the day of your procedure (specialized equipment to help the healing process, prescriptions, etc).

  • Make prior arrangements for transport to and from wherever you are having your procedure. Depending on what you are having done you may also want to arrange for a friend or family member to be with you for at least the first night after your cosmetic procedure (Major surgery can require multiple days of assistance)

  • Allow yourself time off from work or other strenuous responsibilities (child care, house chores, exercise routines etc) for the recommended time period, as set by your cosmetic provider. Your body will need time to heal and make a solid recovery by fully resting after surgery.

Your center for plastic surgery or cosmetic surgeon should be able to help you make post operative arrangements and advise on a specific plan to help you recover quickly and thoroughly (there are even specific post operative care companies who can handle this entirely for you).

Cosmetic Surgery Healing Involves Rest!

Cosmetic Surgery Healing Involves Rest!

Successful Cosmetic Surgery Healing Involves Plenty Of Rest!

Yes! Preparing for cosmetic surgery includes making sure you get plenty of rest both before and after your procedure. This is especially important in the run up to your surgery, as straight after the procedure you may find restful sleep difficult due to discomfort and having to sleep in rather atypical positions (depending on what surgery you had, etc). The more rested your body is, the quicker it will heal and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Start Planning Your Cosmetic Surgery Preparation Today

Whilst looking at how to prepare for surgery can seem rather daunting, with the help of your cosmetic provider it shouldn’t be hard to follow and by doing so you can really help yourself to heal from any cosmetic surgery procedure quickly and fully.

Should you not get specific and detailed support guidelines from your cosmetic practitioner in regard to your procedure, you may want to double check if they are the right place for you to go to. Any board certified cosmetic surgeon or center for plastic surgery knows that to achieve the very best results requires a thorough preparation plan for both pre and post operative states.

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