Preparing For A Cosmetic Surgery Emergency

Preparing For A Cosmetic Surgery Emergency

Why Prepare For A Cosmetic Surgery Emergency

Nobody wants to think about it, but if you’ve decided to get a cosmetic surgical procedure then you really need to have an emergency plan in place, just incase something goes wrong. If you find this an uncomfortable topic to think about that is OK but don’t ignore it, as it really could save your life, literally.

Of course one of your best tools to avoid the unthinkable is to make sure you do thorough research of where and who is performing your cosmetic procedure (country, medical facility, cosmetic surgeon, etc). Our previous article on researching plastic surgeons can help you get an idea on how to begin this important process.

But even after having performed thorough research and settled upon a highly rated facility and surgeon it is still imperative to prepare a cosmetic emergency plan that can be executed should the unthinkable happen.

Emergency Complications When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong

So when cosmetic surgery goes wrong what are the complications that usually happen? Being a true emergency you can never rule anything out, but some of the more familiar cosmetic surgery emergencies are, but not limited to;

  • Hematoma

  • Infection

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

  • Organ Damage

  • Anesthesia Complications

  • Blood Loss

You should always discuss medical factors, including complication risks such as the ones listed above, with your cosmetic surgeon - Remember a respectable and properly accredited cosmetic clinic or surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you have (if they are aren’t willing to answer your questions or seem to be put off by the amount you ask you might want to think about changing cosmetic procedure providers).

How To Make A Cosmetic Surgery Emergency Plan

A Cosmetic Surgery Emergency Plan Can Save Your Life

A Cosmetic Surgery Emergency Plan Can Save Your Life

Putting together a cosmetic surgery emergency plan is quite easy, especially if you have done your homework and selected a board certified plastic surgeon or clinic. Sometimes it can just entail a list of emergency contact numbers, addresses and bringing someone along with you on the day of your procedure. This could be either a family member, close friend or even a paid professional (nurse, etc) who can assist you should you not be in a position to do so yourself.

However if you are traveling further afield, and maybe to a country that has different levels of surgical and post operative care, then you must make sure to have all your emergency plan boxes checked well before you depart:

  • Take a travel companion with you who can answer and do things for you should you be incapable - The Medical Tourism Research Group has put together some excellent information for both you and any possible companion to consider.

  • Pack a travel health kit, explore what you should pack in more detail with our article on packing for a cosmetic surgery procedure.

  • Buy extra comprehensive health insurance that will cover you whilst in other countries - Do check the small print to make sure you are covered whilst partaking in cosmetic surgery abroad, etc.

  • Always take uptodate medical (and medication) information that could be pertinent in an emergency - Make sure your companion has access to this and knows your health situation in advance (same with your surgeon/clinic).

  • Inform yourself and companion about the emergency protocols of your cosmetic surgeon, clinic and country.

Your Cosmetic Surgery Emergency Plan

A Thorough Cosmetic Surgery Emergency Plan Can Help Keep You Happy.

A Thorough Cosmetic Surgery Emergency Plan Can Help Keep You Happy.

Whilst the above are just tips to help you begin the process of building your own cosmetic surgery emergency plan, please remember that with the right planning the chances of experiencing a medical emergency whilst having cosmetic surgery are still extremely rare. We have said it before but having cosmetic surgery really can be compared to traveling by air - Millions and millions fly safely every day of the year and so it is the same with cosmetic procedures throughout the world.

As mentioned at the beginning - One of your best lines of defense against an emergency medical situation arising is to ALWAYS use a board certified surgeon  - Those who are traveling further afield for their procedure should always be aware that not all countries offer the same exacting standards for board certification. Countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and some in western Europe tend to have higher standards than others, but looking into what a countries board accreditation demands is usually a good place to start preparing.

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