Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift Surgery

What are thigh lift surgeries? Female pampering skin on her legs

The thigh lift surgery is aimed at improving the contour and shape of the thighs which have lost proportions due to excess, sagging skin or fat. This medical/cosmetic procedure helps in reshaping the lower body, primarily the thighs by removing extra fat and skin by surgery.
Thigh Lift surgeries are the ideal solutions for patients who have tried various methods including personal training, exercise and weight loss diet plans to bring their thighs back in shape in vain. Whether the disproportionate, unshapely thighs are a result of weight fluctuations, hereditary abnormalities or age changes, thigh lift surgeries can successfully help in restoring ideal shape and contour within a single sitting. In case there is excessive fat in the thigh region, thigh lift surgeries are performed in combination with liposuction procedures as well for desired results.


What are the procedures and steps involved in Thigh Lift Surgeries?

Thigh lift surgeries are invasive medical/cosmetic procedures whereby excess skin and fat is removed from the lower body and thigh region to restore a normal, uniform contour. Typically, these surgeries involve three main steps which have been discussed as follows:

  1. Administering Anesthesia: Anesthesia is administered to ensure a painless surgery for the patient and ensures complete sedation prior to beginning the procedure. The drug and method used in anesthesia administration varies with the preference of the surgeon, or the medical status of the patient. Thigh Lift Surgery Diagram
  2. Creating the Incisions: Incisions in thigh lift surgeries are made based on the location and amount of excess adipose and skin that requires removal for the ideal results. This surgery encompasses areas of the lower body, primarily the thighs.
    One of the most common incisions practiced for this surgery globally is one in the groin region which extends inferiorly till the back portion of each thigh. Once the incision is made successfully, the tissue matrix lying below the skin is then tightening and contoured. The extra skin is either excised or re-draped thus creating a more uniform shape and tone of the thighs.
    In case the patient has excessive accumulation of adipose beneath the skin, a combination of both the thigh lift surgery and liposuction are performed for the best results.
    Thigh lift surgeries comprise of medial and outer thigh lifts to give the desired shape, tone and contour to the lower body.
  3. Closing the Incisions: Once the excess skin and fat has been excised, the skin is then repositioned and the incisions are closed. Incision closure is achieved with the help of sutures of the suitable material.

Risk and Complications of Thigh Lift Surgeries:

There are a number of risks and complications associated with nearly all invasive surgical procedures in the world, and thigh lift surgeries are no exceptions. Be sure to have a consultation session with your surgeon to discuss all potential risks and complications which are commonly seen before, during and after thigh lift surgeries in patients. Some of the risks and complications that are associated with conventional thigh lift procedures include:

–          Scarring

–          Abnormal bleeding, or formation of hematoma

–          Accumulation of fluid within the tissues, a condition known as seroma

–          Infection at the site of incisions

–          Delayed healing of the wounds

–          Formation of blood clots

–          Deep venous thrombosis

–          Altered sensation in the region

–          Swelling

–          Necrosis of fatty tissues in the region of the surgery

–          Pain during and after surgery

–          Dehiscence, or separation of the wounds

–          Loss of symmetry and proportion

–          Complications relation to the cardiac and pulmonary systems

–          Irritation at the site of sutures

–          Chances of re-surgery due to unsatisfactory results

–          Loss of normal color or elasticity of the skin


Results Thigh Lift Surgery (Click here to view Before & After Photographs):

Though the results of the surgery are immediately evident, it does take a couple of month to truly appreciate the new change once the scars have significantly diminished or disappeared.
It is important to note that the results of this surgery are long lasting, but they are not permanent. Changes can be induced by weight fluctuations and age which can alter the surgical results. In this case, it is possible to get a second thigh lift surgery done to restore the shape and contour of the thighs once again.
Thigh Lift Surgery MedicalThe thigh lift surgery allows patients to once again enjoy and appreciate the uniform tone of their lower body, especially the thighs, and feel confident about wearing any kind of clothing they desire.

Recovery from Thigh Lift Surgeries:

Patients can appreciate the results of the surgery immediately after gaining consciousness. However, for complete successfully recovery, it is critical to follow all guidelines and instructions given by the surgeon to avoid any complications.
In most cases, patients are advised to wear bandages and compressions garments to prevent the accumulation of fluid within the tissues. Strenuous activity should be avoided, but light, regular exercise is highly recommended to ensure proper blood flow to the area which also promotes better healing.
Patients are also prescribed medication to relieve pain and prevent infection at the site of the surgery.
In case of any complications, it is important to report back to the medical centre immediately.