Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup

What is meant by ‘Permanent Makeup’?

Permanent Makeup, also known as the micropigmentation procedure in cosmetic surgery is the method of embedding the desired organic pigments within the skin and adding a permanent color to the area based on the needs of the patient. permanent-makeup 1Micropigmentation is done purely for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes to enhance facial features. Permanent makeup can used to achieve a variety of looks; it is used most prominently to:

–          Define and enhance eyes

–          Enhance eyebrows

–          Add pigments to achieve permanent eye shadow

–          Add pigments to achieve permanent blush on the cheeks

–          Enhance and define lips


Generally used by celebrities and prominent individuals associated with media, permanent makeup is the treatment of choice for flawless looking, picture perfect skin round the clock. Micropigmentation makes up for lack of time required to create daytime and evening looks with the right cosmetics. Some prominent advantages of the procedure include: Permanent Makeup Comparison

–          24 hour long fresh, picture perfect face

–          No extra time required to get ready prior to events or gatherings

–          No cosmetics required to achieve the desired look

–          Permanent pigmentation means the end of annoying makeup smudges

–          No need to spend hours on, or use cleansers to remove makeup at the end of each day





Are there any risks or complications associated with permanent makeup treatments?

Though not purely surgical, the micropigmentation procedure are still considerable invasive. It is common knowledge that all invasive surgical procedures have the potential to cause certain risks and complications. It is important for all individuals interested in the procedure to first acquire all information regarding the possible complications from their physicians prior to surgery. It is also critical to provide surgeons with a complete medical and drug history for comprehensive evaluation for whether you are eligible for the procedure or not.
Some of the risks and complications that can occur after permanent makeup procedures include:

–          Redness

–          Swelling

–          Post surgical pain

–          Infection at the site of surgery

–          Altered sensation

–          Damage to surrounding tissues due to procedural errors

–          Formation of blood clots

–          Scarring or bruising at the site of surgery

–          Damage to vessels and nerves due to procedural errors

–          Itching and discomfort


What are the steps involved in micropigmentation/permanent makeup?

The procedure is relatively simple. The duration of permanent makeup depends entirely upon the preference of the patient and the extent of micropigmentation required achieving the desired look. Conventional permanent makeup methods involve:

–          Anesthesia: The minimally invasive nature of the procedure can result in a certain degree of pain and discomfort during the procedure. In order to avoid this, surgeons generally administer local anesthesia for effective sedation prior to surgery.

–          Micropigmentation: Micropigmentation is performed using a specialized handheld device. This device is used for puncturing the skin several hundred times within a single minute in order to inject the desired pigment at the targeted region of the skin with the help of an ultra fine needle.

–          Once the pigment has been injected at the desired site, the surgeon may apply topical analgesic agents in order to prevent post operative pain, as well as other dressing that significantly reduce chances of swelling and infection.


Permanent Makeup NurseRecovery from Permanent makeup:

Patients may experience mild tingling or itching sensations at the site of surgery for several days after the procedure. In majority of the cases, these signs subside under a week. There may be post operative bruising or swelling, but these too are temporary. It is important for patients to report back to their medical centers in case of any abnormal pain or complications for immediate treatment.

Results from Permanent makeup (Click here to view Before & After Photographs):

The results of micropigmentation/permanent makeup are instantly visible once the surgery has been successfully completed. Permanent makeup opens up a world of endless possibilities and has gained immense popularity around the world.