Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

What is a Brow Lift Surgery?

Brow lift surgeries offer miraculously astounding changes, aiming to correct and remove fine lines and wrinkles that crease the forehead and region above the eyebrows with age. The procedure effectively eliminates traces of these expression lines and wrinkles by elevating the eyebrows to make them look more youthful and attractive.

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A few ways in which brow lift surgeries can help patients not only look but feel younger include:

–          Significant reduction of creases that appear on the forehead, or across the nasal bridge

–          Improvement of natural expression and frown lines

–          Removal of vertical lines or creases which develop with age in the region between the brows

–          Effective repositioning drooping or sagging eye brows

–          Elevation of the eyebrows to give a natural, more youthful look to the face

In some cases, brow lift surgeries are performed in combination with other procedures to give a natural balance and proportion to the overall facial profile and structure. These additional surgeries include eyelid surgeries to restore the youthful appearance to the eyes, skin derma resurfacing or abrasion procedures to rejuvenate the skin and facelift surgeries to eliminate sagging skin or fatty tissue from the face and neck region.


What are the risks and complications with Brow Lift Surgery?

Just like all other surgeries and invasive medical procedures performed globally, brow lift surgeries also have several potential risks and complications that patients must discuss with their surgeons prior to the procedure. All patients must ensure that their medical histories are assessed beforehand. Leading plastic surgeons around the world first acquire the consent of their patients before starting surgery as part of medical protocol.
Some of the common risks and complications that are seen before, during or after brow lift surgeries include:

–          Unwanted Scarring after surgery

–          Abnormal bleeding, or formation of hematoma

–          Accumulation of fluid within the tissues, a condition known as seroma

–          Infection at the site of incisions

–          Delayed healing of the wounds

–          Formation of blood clots

–          Deep venous thrombosis

–          Altered sensation in the region

–          Swelling at the surgical site

–          Pain during and after surgery

–          Dehiscence, or separation of the wounds

–          Loss of symmetry and proportion

–          Irritation at the site of sutures

–          Chances of re-surgery due to unsatisfactory results

–          Loss of normal color or elasticity of the skin

–          Damage to nerves and vessels such as arteries, veins and capillaries

–          Irritation caused by suture or other materials used during surgery


What are the Steps involved in Brow Lift Surgeries?

Conventional brow lift procedures comprise of the following basic steps to achieve the desired result in a single sitting:

  1. Administration of Anesthesia: To ensure a completely painless and comfortable surgery, the surgeon will administer anesthesia to sedate the patient. Facial Implant surgeries are generally performed on general anesthesia. The drugs and mode of anesthesia administration depend upon the surgeon’s preferences and the medical status of the patient.
  2. Creating Suitable Incisions: Typically, the coronal brow lift procedure is used for correcting the positioning of the eyebrows. The incision in this case is made from one ear to the other, over the head and is then used for removal of excess skin that results in creasing and wrinkles. The other method which is more popular these days is the endoscopic brow lift procedure that involves the insertion of an endoscope placed into the surgical site via minute incisions created at the hairline.
    When required, this surgery is performed in combination or conjunction with other procedures aimed at restoring the balance and proportion of the facial profile including eyelid and facelift surgeries.
    Because the incision created for coronal brow lift surgeries is significantly larger in contrast to endoscopic surgery incisions, it requires a longer recovery and healing period.
    All surgeons aim to create brow lift incisions within the hairline, so as to conceal them underneath the hair without disrupting the natural, flawless contour and tone of the face.
  3. Incision Closing: Once the skin of the forehead has been made devoid of all creases, imperfections and age marks, the incisions are then repositioned for closure. This is done with the help of suitable, absorbable sutures, surgical staples, adhesives or tapes depending upon the surgeon’s preference and the size of the incision.


Recovery from aEye Brow Medical brow lift surgery:

Though the results of the surgery become immediately evident once the patient regains consciousness, it may take several weeks to months for the suture and incision marks to completely vanish. Surgeons may place bandages or other fixation materials on the surgical site in order to promote better healing and ideal results.
It is important to follow all guidelines and instructions given by the surgeon, and to be present for follow-up visit after the surgery for evaluation of the results. Patients may also be prescribed analgesics to prevent and manage post-surgical pain.
Patients are advised to return to the hospital or medical centre in case of complications.

Results expected from a brow lift surgery (Click here to view Before & After Photographs):

Eye brow lift surgeries not only eliminate the imperfections present in the form of age lines, creases and wrinkles on the temple region, but also helps the patients feel younger, more attractive and confident. It is however important to note that though this surgery offers long lasting, aesthetically pleasing results, they may not be permanent and can be altered by age changes.
It is possible for patients to get a revisional or corrective brow lift surgery done to once again acquire the perfect contour, tone and feel of youthful skin.