Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

What are Breast Lift Surgeries?

Breast Lift Surgery is also known as mastopexy, and is a specializes cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at restoring the firmness of mammary glands and lifting them by the removal of extra skin, and the surgical tightening of all tissues in the surrounding region to achieve the desired shape, tone and contour.Breast Lift Surgery

Sagging or softening of the breasts may result from frequent weight fluctuations, changes induced by age, breastfeeding and post pregnancy changes, hereditary abnormalities and various other reasons.

It is however completely possible to restore the firmness and ideal shape of the breasts by successful breast lift surgeries which are being performed all over the world and have produced excellent results.

Breast lift surgeries are basically performed for patients who wish to have the youthful firmness and uplifting restored in their mammary glands.

It is important to note however, that breast lift surgeries are not intended to enhance the original size of the breasts and patients must not expect their breasts to appear larger once the surgery has been completed. For fuller, larger breasts, women should consider breast implants, or the breast augmentation procedures.


Are there any risks and complications that may result from Breast Lift Surgeries?

Nearly all invasive surgical procedures have some risks and complications associated with them, and since breast lift surgeries are performed in a very delicate region of the body, they are no exceptions.
Leading plastic surgeons around the world first hold consultation sessions with their patients in order to educate them about the different risks and complications that are associated with undergoing breast lift surgeries, and acquire their complete consent prior to proceeding with the surgery.
Some of the complications and risks that are common before, during and after breast lift surgeries have been discussed as follows:

–          Biological reactions to anesthesia administration

–          Post-operative bleeding (also known as hematoma)

–          Abnormal accumulation of fluid within the body/tissues (also known as seroma)

–          Infection at the incision site

–          Post-Operative Pain

–          Altered functionality and sensations

–          Disproportion and loss of symmetry

–          Appearance of wrinkles on or around the mammary glands

–          Unfavorable post operative scarring

–          Abnormal thinning of the mammary gland tissues

–          Reparative surgery due to failure of surgery dissatisfaction of the patient

–          Damage to local nerves and vessels in the region

–          Damage to surrounding internal organs due to surgical accidents or improper handling/techniques

–          Formation of blood clots

–          Destruction of the fatty tissues in the region of surgery

–          Allergies to materials used during and after surgery

–          Excessive and undesirable firmness


What are the steps involved in a Breast Lift Surgery Procedure?

The steps and the overall success of the breast lift surgery depend upon several factors including the size and shape of the mammary glands prior to surgery, positioning of the areolas, amount of excess skin, and degree of elasticity caused by the skin sagging.
The steps involved in a conventional breast lift surgery have been discussed as follows:

  1. Administration of Anesthesia: Anesthesia is administrated before starting the procedure in order to ensure a painless experience for the patient. Breast lift surgeries performed on general anesthesia or complete sedation because they involve delicate and sensitive regions of the body and the elimination of pain and discomfort is absolutely essential. Based on your medical history, your surgeon will recommend the most suitable drugs and mode of administration for anesthesia.
  2. Creating the Incisions: Breast Lift Surgeries typically involves five main kinds of incisions:breast lift incisions diagram These incisions (shown above) are placed surrounding the areola (Peri-areolar), around the areola and in a downward direction to the crease of the breast (Lollipop),  around the areola and horizontally as well as vertically along the crease of the mammary glands (Anchor with areola reduction), over the top of the areola (Cresent) and lastly, downward to crease of breast and vertically along crease (Anchor). Once these incisions are carefully placed, the excess skin and adipose tissues are removed and excised. Once this has been achieved, the skin is repositioned for an uplifting effect.
  3. Giving the Breast the Desired Contour and Shape: This step of the surgery involves lifting the tissues of the breast to give ideal firmness and shape, repositioning of the areola and nipple for ideal aesthetics, reduction of enlarged areolas if necessary, and excision of extra skin below or surrounding the breasts to reduce excess elasticity.
  4. Closing the Incisions: Once all the steps mentioned above have been achieved and the desired shape, firmness and contour have been restored to the breasts, the skin is repositioned and the surgical incisions are closed. The closure of these incisions is achieved by sutures of the suitable material, surgical tapes or adhesives.


Breast Lift NurseRecovery from Breast Lift Surgery:

The results of the surgery are visible and evident once the patient regains consciousness. However, for complete successfully recovery, it is critical to follow all guidelines and instructions given by the surgeon to avoid any complications.
Bandages may be placed on the site of the incisions and surgery. Strenuous activity should be avoided, but light, regular exercise is highly recommended to ensure proper blood flow to the area which also promotes better healing. Special emphasis is laid on the importance of exercise to avoid fluid accumulation and other medical conditions.
Patients are also prescribed medication to relieve pain and prevent infection at the site of the surgery.
In case of any complications, it is important to report back to the medical centre immediately.
It may take about 6-7 week for the scars to effectively diminish, after which the success of the surgery is truly evident.


Results: What to Expect From Breast Lift Surgeries:

Breast Lift Surgeries offer miraculously astounding solutions for unsightly, disproportionate and sagging breasts and transforms them into breasts that not only look, but also feel much younger and beautiful. It is however, important for patients to know that despite the fact that this surgery offers long lasting effects, they will not be permanent. Changes created by the surgery can be altered and revered in case of weight fluctuations, age changes and pregnancies etc.
In this case, Breast Lift Surgeries can be performed again to restore the ideal shape and contour once more.