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The Cosmetic Tourist (TCT) company and its website, thecosmetictourist.com is a global, independently owned, information service for anyone interested in cosmetic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practioners, cosmetic surgery service providers, patients, cosmetic procedures and medical tourism as a whole. TCT partners with government agencies, healthcare providers, and other service members of the medical tourism industry to promote knowledge, transparency and choice to all who are interested in international cosmetic treatments. 

Knowledge and The Cosmetic Tourist.

One of the Cosmetic Tourist’s main aim is to familiarize the reader with cosmetic surgery and medical tourism. We try to identify, create, represent and distribute information within both cosmetic surgery and medical tourism that will be beneficial to the user. We try to offer a range of specialized knowledge that includes facts, descriptions and experiences from all areas of both the cosmetic surgery industry and the medical tourism field. 

Transparency and The Cosmetic Tourist.

Transparency of our knowledge is very important to the cosmetic tourist. We believe that anyone using our website/services should be able to see how the information got there and why. Because there are so many competing sources of information on cosmetic surgery and medical tourism, we want our site to be completely open and accountable to providing the best quality of knowledge and opinions available within the areas of both cosmetic surgery and medical tourism.

Choice and the Cosmetic Tourist.

The cosmetic surgery and medical tourism industries are both multi billion dollar industries and both are growing year after year at phenomenal rates. This means there are more and more websites and businesses catering to both cosmetic surgery and medical tourism. This can be great for the consumer but also confusing if there is a informational overload. When it comes to choice, here at the cosmetic tourist our aim is very simple: We want you to choose us for all of your cosmetic surgery and medical tourism needs! We realize everyone has many choices to look elsewhere so we strive to offer the best quality of knowledge and services possible.

Research These Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:

Body ContouringFace LiftFat ReductionHair ReplacementLaser & Ultrasound Assisted LiposuctionArm Lift SurgeryBody Lift SurgeryBreast Augmentation SurgeryBreast Lift Surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery, Breast Reduction For MenBrow Lift SurgeryChin Surgery, Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery,  Ear SurgeryEyelid SurgeryFacial Balance SurgeryFacial Implant SurgeryLiposuction Procedures, Laser Skin ResurfacingNose SurgerySkin RejuvenationThigh Lift SurgeryTummy Tuck Surgery, Scar RevisionPermanent Makeup & Hand Surgery.

Or These Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:

Botulinum Toxin (Bo-Tox), Dermal FillersChemical PeelDermabrasionDermal Fillers: Calcium Hydroxylapatite, Dermal Fillers: CollagenDermal Fillers: Hyaluronic AcidDermal Fillers: PMMADermal Fillers: Polylactic AcidDermal Fillers: PolyalkylimideMicrodermabrasion TreatmentsSkin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing & Spider Vein Treatment.